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May tarot pulls

This month, we shift through the last days of Taurus season and shift into Gemini. We shift from grounded earth energy into thoughtful air energy. The moon’s cycle continues to bridge together the shifts in the sun. A new moon in Taurus on May 11th followed by a lunar eclipse with the full moon in Sagittarius on May 26th. Below is a card for each sign to provide support, guidance, and reflection. If you look at a card and find another message, I deeply encourage you to trust your intuition. I invite you to use these cards to give yourself a multicard reading. A personal example is at the end.

A process note. The deck featured in this reading is the Spacious Tarot, a gentle nature infused deck. When I pulled these cards I faced the Taurus sun on the eastern horizon, pulling the card for Taurus, then moving clockwise in a circle ending with Aries, mirroring where these constellations rest in the sky. Into a tapered candle, I carved zodiacal symbols to represent the movements of sun and moon as well as the words “space, care, thought”. I associate Taurus with care and Gemini with thought. Space for the space in the sky these blueprints live, space within us to reflect and to hold, space we inhabit and space we create. I anointed both the candle and my skin with a tiny bit of Forest Dweller perfume oil from New Day Herbals. The candle burns as I type these sentences.

Taurus | four of pentacles | You’ve worked hard for what you’ve created and what you’ve acquired. You’re holding this process and these creations close. What is it that you’re holding? What have you created? You may feel protective over this. You might not feel like it’s the right time to share this, you might feel that it’s still undergoing work, that it’s not quite finished. What happens if you loosen your grip? What space opens if you let a trusted friend take a look at what it is you’ve been crafting or give them a piece of what you’ve worked for? And with that space open, what inspiration might sneak in?

Gemini | guardian of pentacles | You pay attention to the spaces you inhabit. You understand the ebb and flow of your energy in relationship to these spaces. You know what spaces comfort you and what spaces exhaust you. When is the last time you gave yourself the time to check in with yourself? When you give yourself time and space to ground in your body, this opens up a channel to your head space, too. With a moment of stillness, what subtle transformation makes itself known?

Cancer | seven of wands | You’ve been expending a lot of energy, likely a lot of emotional energy. You care. A lot. You are strong and you are brave and you are willing to hold your ground, to be in your truth. But you might be feeling tired. Where do you feel most of your strength is going? When you defend yourself, what part of yourself are you defending, a past self, a current self? When can you relax your defenses to welcome both connection and rest? When you take all this energy you’re directing outward and save some of it for yourself, how does it feel?

Leo | two of wands | Focus. Two wands come together, form a direction, a pathway, an opening. It’s almost like you can feel the pull of summer. Your magic vibrates through you and is beginning to take shape outside of you. Are you ready to take up your wands and watch what unfolds from within you? It’s time to welcome the warmth of your magic and the flow of your energy. All the ideas that you’ve gathered this spring, all the heat of inspiration, you’re finding and developing the tools of creation that will help you expand this energy outward.

Virgo | four of wands | Energy gathers, energy swirls, energy collects. Who do you surround yourself with? Who do you feel joy around? Who is working on what you’re working on? Learning and building are important, but dancing in the thrill of it all is, too. This is an invitation to take time to revel in the ideas surging through you and your co-conspirators. This is an invitation to gather and celebrate with one another, to delight in the sparks bouncing within and between each of you. This is an invitation to be invigorated by those who inspire you at a party most divine.

Libra | child of swords | A mist rises with the flow of curiosity and beginnings. You assess the ground beneath you, assess the environment around you before you set off into action. Childs, or pages, welcome examination, welcome a shift in perspective. What are you beginning? What new truth has sprung that has you perceiving the world in new ways? What happens when you infuse your days with a sense of curiosity? There’s no hurry here. There’s a slow down, an invitation into attentiveness, an invitation to listen.

Scorpio | elder of wands | Feel yourself. Step into the heat and the depth and the boldness of your magic. You radiate. You radiate without combusting. You radiate without diminishing the flames of others. This card might make you feel alone or like an outsider, but trust your unique path. Trust the drive of your passion. Trust your magic. Reflect on who your magic is for. Is your magic a performance? Is your magic a way of being? Is your magic for you or for someone else? How do you inspire others by simply living according to the heat of your soul?

Sagittarius | six of swords | It’s been a journey lately. There’s been difficult revelations or a sense of loss, a sense of mourning. Trust may be a thing that feels broken, but the six of swords is a sweet invitation to trust again. To trust that calm will return. To trust you’ll continue to be supported by the ones you let in. To trust that your inner knowing, your inner awareness is guiding you to a softer shore. What patterns of thinking have held you back? What shifts in perspective help you move forward?

Capricorn | six of wands | The six of wands invites you to examine how you uplift those around you and how you like to be uplifted. It’s easy to celebrate an apparent output resulting from an apparent input, but sometimes simply existing is the success. How do you celebrate yourself? How do you celebrate other folks? How do you show those you care for that you’re in awe of them? The routine and maintainance of every day is important, but so too are moments built of warm, emotionally bold words and actions of support, small offerings of appreciation.

Aquarius | seven of pentacles | Reflection reminds you of all that you’ve done, all that you’ve shifted through to bolster your movement onward. Reflection, too, invites a shift in focus. What no longer needs your attention? What have you been putting so much energy into, perhaps to the exclusion of other aspects of your life? Assess what it is that no longer needs your constant attention to grow. What do you feel comfortable shifting away from? You’ve accomplished so much, but what could open up if you let your energy flow into another direction?

Pisces | child of wands | You are blossoming! A seed has burst forth. A sense of creativity has surged through you. A spark of an idea. A new skill. A revelation about the depth or the method of your own magic. The child of wands is a sweet invitation to move through your days with a sense of both curiosity and play. How do you engage with a sense of learning in the every day? While it might feel a bit counterintuitive to your watery depths, this card encourages the passion of your inner world to weave its way outward in new and vibrant ways.

Aries | three of swords | The mind aches sometimes. This card can be a painful and difficult to be in. You might feel like you’ve lost a sense of yourself in your own story. But when you acknowledge these sorrows and the impact they have on you, you can begin to uproot these three swords, find your voice. As you gently tug on each sword, you may ease your mind, along with your heart, and uncover a place of receptivity. How can you be gentle with yourself in the process? Who do you trust to support you in your sadness? Remember that on the other side of the three is the four - a card of deep rest in the wake of deep work.

A personal example. Here I take a look at the cards for my sun, moon, and rising signs to uncover the threads between and the lessons within. (I spent time with my midheaven in Aries and the three of swords, but haven’t quite found words for that yet.)

sun (identity, self expression) | Sagittarius, six of swords | I’ve been experiencing a bout of depression for the last month or so that began with difficult news and threw me off the daily rituals that had held me through winter. I’ve had a hard time caring for myself in the most basic ways, eating, getting to work, washing my clothes, mowing my lawn. Each task feels like a steep climb with little reward. I’ve been having trouble finding meaning in anything, lost in the fog and conflict associated with the five of swords. My identity has felt like a weathered self and it’s infiltrated most aspects of my day to day.

But what’s been helping? Those clouds parting. The few friends I text regularly, who I trust with the sad monster I’ve been lately. They share their journeys, too, their ups and downs, their heart aches and their grief. And I remember we’re in this together. That I’m not alone no matter how lonely I feel. To embrace the soft promise of this six. And, with that, to say thank you to old and difficult patterns of behavior for trying to help for so long as I find new ways of being, as I welcome space for new ways of perceiving.

moon (feelings, body, nourishment) | Capricorn, six of wands | I’ve been caught up in being overwhelmed by everyday existence. The daily rituals of being have been hard. I’ve been learning how to take small steps, that sometimes washing a single plate can be a success, that mowing one patch of my lawn is worthy of my celebration, plucking the lyre for a few minutes before bed feels like an accomplishment. But being so caught up inside myself, I’ve forgotten to celebrate the people I adore. The energy of awe and the energy of admiration creates movement. This is a sweet balance with the six of swords, a reminder to show gratitude for the dear ones I meet along this path. And a a sweet balance with the seven of wands, too - to step away from what it is I’m fighting in order to put that energy into uplifting, thanking, celebrating.

rising (motivation, appearance) | Cancer, seven of wands | There’s a lot of changes happening in my life that are beyond my control, but for purposes of capitalism and anxiety, I am tied to. Most days, I feel like I am on the defensive. Fighting to maintain the space I need to focus and cultivate on the passions that fuel my soul. I’m exhausted, but I don’t know how to stop fighting. I find myself engaging in and creating unnecessary conflict, dredging up past versions of myself that impact my relationships in difficult ways. I crave the space to set down my defenses and just exist without fighting to maintain my emotional integrity. This month I’m going to experiment, in small ways, with putting my defenses down when it feels safe to do so, and see how I feel.

A note. Two sixes and a seven. I am just over a turn point, I’m on the other side. When I give myself three card readings, I like to add the numbers up. 6 + 6 + 7 = 19. The nineteenth card of the major arcana is the sun. The sun is a bold self, a shining for self, a card of self acceptance and self expression. As I shift through these difficult twists and turns, I’ll be dancing ever closer to myself. The fire energy of this mirroring those wands, a reminder to celebrate those outside of myself, to uplift others, to stand my ground, and remember that I still have energy pulsing inside, propelling me onward.

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